Excavating Realities

Reality is a landscape which shifts, evolves and transforms our perception. Events and facts as we know it and have been taught may not be so true after all. As we draw closer on our journey to the truth the landscape shifts, evolves and transforms our perception, again, sumersaulting our stable ground. We realize life is a journey of metamorphasis. A journey of which the longer and more critically we reflect upon, we realize that all is a series of moving mirages.

Moving Mirages is a psycho-spiritual, intellectual blog, a safe, quiet place. This blog is inspired by a psycho-spiritual, multicultural worldview which draws upon various knowledges in order to stimulate critical thinking. Topics range from: feminisms, history as “stories”, interculturalism, interfaith, minimalism, mind-body connection, balanced living, gender studies and writing as holistic therapy for the mind and body. This space is an open canvass of poetry, short articles and reflections.


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