Twirling in pirouettes dancing nonsense to the sound of some balad of splendid jazz the waves of calm cascade gently over you piling its simplicity and serenity all over the books of mental drain and life’s strains scattered beneath your feet you trample over the feelings you wish to defeat. Hear in the distance the voice of tranquility beckoning you hither into some foresty hinterland a place mixed with song soul and funky dance tapping its way silently into the loudness of your city jams. In a childlike daze of midnight plays sleepovers of popcorn and Morrocan mint tea. Waving hands in the air pushing away the distresses right through your bedroom window. The wind blows whistling beneath your chin travelling up and over your neckline grazing and cascading your hair splinters in between air molecules bursting in the invisible seen in the physicality of phantasms. Reveries you pasted on your list of thigs to do covered by post its of real world cares. Just ask for a day to take them out to play. That is all you need one more day blossoming from beneath the greys of normalcy a new day carrying expectation and an uncertainty which is peculiarly adventurous. Then pull back the shades of night to welcome the summer sky as your heart bits and skips to the beat of a new rythm.


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