Strength cannot be attained by doing easy things, by choosing a road commonly travelled, by stepping into footsteps that have already been marked out on the journey. You may cross paths with someone along on their journey as well.

The temptation may be to try and step into what has already been mapped out, set out, planned for us, yet who gets the short hand? Is it not the person who chooses that safe, secure, comfortable, planned out journey? How is the reflex of strength, resilience and character to be moulded out of us like molten clay if we stay frigid in security. Sometimes choosing the path less travelled means to travel alone, it means to set out steps, even if it means to begin small steps. This is what may be required to have evidence and expect that which we cannot see, towards something new, towards something undiscovered.

Strength and resilience cannot be had by walking vicariously through watching reality shows, by witnessing the lives of others through admiration instead of venturing out ourselves. In our journey into the unknown, in carving out the steps and dampening the soil of unchartered territory we may meet others, the very few others who are connecting the steps and creating their own path as well. We become acquainted with likeminded people eventually.

Those you leave behind towards something new, sometimes people around you may think you are crazy. Yet you may meet other people on a similar journey going through the same situation and facing the same interactions. Some people may think you are changing to becoming someone or something they do not recognize or they may not recognize what you are journeying towards. You need to be sparked with life to burst through those hurdles and this is how the muscle of your character will be exercised. It is in doing something we may be scared to do, to face the unknown, to face our fears with courage and fully accept, embrace and come closer to that which you fear, towards the peak of light you are not sure you may even reach. If you push through your fears, doubts, through the many voices that may not understand, all the noise, in this we may gain Strength by having the courage to push forward. If however we listen to all the voices, if we choose to travel on the road commonly chosen then we may live with the fear not ever becoming what we could have been yet was too fearful to embark towards.


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