Things, People and like Ramblings

that you own
that you crave
that you stare at out of
mere want

and peer through glasses
of consumerism

and sheer capital expenditure
disposing your money
to satisfy a momentary
appetite that
always seems to prop up
in your unguarded mind
that cannot seem to
fathom the perpetual
longing of a heart

that pumps dissatisfaction
in a body that possesses

a spirit
that is restless for want
of peace
that screeches over the
cars that pass by
sounding the horn
of a hectic life

that sleeps at night

when strip clubs
resound melodies of

and fleshly seductions

while somewhere

victims’ muzzled cries
things that creep
between covers
critters and night bugs
under cardboard boxes
of homes lined up in
the downtown alley

where drunkards and druggies
sleep on self-induced valium
and unrealistic reveries

they prophecy into the nightsky
where girls in short skirts
and high heeled shoes
grimace and roll their eyes to
go and dance in clubs and raves
things that bump and petrify
the very event you are trying to

the roars of thunder overhead
that trickles raindrops
upon walking heads
from up above a ceiling building
contemplates a woman

the reason for living

and through the midst
of all she may see

down below is a mystery
as she thinks of her heart
that may flutter and sink
right into the pavement
creating bloody scene

from down below the laughter
of parties swell

the homeless man
nobody knew well

lies sleeping in unconsciousness
on the grey floor
as the clack of heels
dig through the core
of what can be seen
and is ignored

the mother of four
sleeps with the discontent
of sleeping pills and
and in the presence of this all

displayed to see
throughout a scene of

is the answer
and cuts through the thicket
of all that Pride
which hides what’s in a person’s mind

and it strikes out the intricacies
of what they cannot resolve
with this World’s petty delicacies
and in their Foolish minds
they attempt to answer
the meaning of Life

and its disasters
but in the end it is
hoped that they will find
has been undercover
subtlety leading them
and blinding
their minds


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