Unconventional Beauty

Nature longing peculiar mesmerizing awesome brilliant spectacular dwindle swash heals
Yesterday I Shaved the stubble of my legs, smooth with the thick foam of an all natural goatsoap.
I slurp up my chocolate banana milkshake topped with sprinkles of cinnamon and brown sugar.
Scour scourge contracts negotiate ameliorate fix those lampshades stretch out the ligaments in my back the strings in my lower legs my calves hinge

Trickled the strips of dried white paint peels crisp brittle flecks into my coffeecup
Behind the cupboard you will find i left you a mug from trip in Czechoslovakia from that summer when it rained all the way over where you were

I watched the news from my hotel television
Square black
In the corner i left you a note saying i would be back in a few days

I asked her to place it exactly where you sit in the mornings to take a bite of apple bran cupcakes and sunnyside up eggs smathered in olive oil. It will drizzle into your arteries

I tell you and you say it will stream right out of your pores when you go for your afternoon run on the treadmill that moves so fast your face is pink and pounding through your head is the sound of your pacing heart pulsating red globules through the veins plopped up underneath your thin brown skin.

Your hair white and I envy you I think I want to run like that when I grow that young.
You laugh. I smile. The same one that shrouds what I think. You pinch my plump thigh; I place my hand on your velvet skin. You envy the youth you once lived. I look at you.


You are what I want to be when I am seventy-six.


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