Heart Box


Swirling around, you couldn’t see it coming, opening up in innocence, ending in a mysterious decadence. Opening your heart’s a Pandora’s box, you cannot recognize your reflection in its mirror. Balanced between the gravity of dualities, you find it hard to distinguish between the two intertwining realities. Trying to put an expiration date on the misunderstandings you have just unravelled, you try to categorize the intricacies. swirling around, discovering your heart has become a portal of Pandora’s blocks. To seeing, to believing, to achieving some mystery beyond what you can tangibly perceive. swirling around, you could never had the chance, to figure it all out. you cannot grasp the explanation to all these happenings. your sweet Pandora’s play of life’s theatrics. take a role and say you’ll try to reach the skies and climb the over the stars back to reach paradise.


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