Woman Giver of Life

Women are often caught in the amnesia of who “modern” society says they should be rather than remembering who they are. Women is the giver of life, nurturer of creation. Regenerating, re-birthing, co-creating.

As people take this journey of life on a micro-wave pace, we need to slow down to recover the trail that brought us here. Let us not forget the voyage we came to be. We travelled far from a dark, misty waters that floated around the earth in mystery. We travelled through the waters of un-created physicality and were planted in streams of a commonality, a product of meeting of minds into a co-creation of mystery of life.

We were created mysteriously, almost impossible to be searched out or investigated thoroughly. Our origins are obscure in description yet perceptible by the intangible essence of who we are. We were born before we had toes, fingers, blood, brain and sight. Yet we perceived our reality, the womb became the centre of our world, the supplier of all we needed. We were birthed with a soul, a spirit placed in the womb. The first music we heard is the beating heart of our mother and ours began to sing in unison. We travelled into the womb from the Beyond, reconstructing personality and intelligent form.

Life as we knew it was Inside. The by-product of two co-creators dancing together, a synergy of energy.



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