The Power of Love is Truth

Love is not to lie so if we lie we do not Love and to not Love is to not know Love and not have perfected Love to not know perfected Love is to not know God Who is Truth and Love because to speak lies is to hate Truth and be contrary to Truth and if we are contrary to Truth we do not hate Evil but oppose Good so that we oppose Love and the Truth of Love that is Good and the Love that is Good we hold not as Truth and the Truth we turn it into a lie so that we do not hold to Truth in Love and with Love in our hearts and minds.

To not know God Who is Truth and Love because we speak lies is to hate Truth and Love Who is God is to speak lies is to speak the language of the devil whilst those who speak Truth with Love speak the language of God from their hearts and minds from the recesses of their souls. But to say we know Truth yet do not have Love is not Good because if you have Truth and claim to be Good but have not Love then your Truth is meaningless.

There is no private Evils because everything in Darkness comes to Light so to hold secret Evil to oneself is undoing, is unLoving to others and self even if it does not affect others. Why? Because then we do not hold tight to Love and Love cannot hide in Darkness and though we may go through Darkness to get to Light that is wrapped by Darkness Darkness cannot hide from the Light because without Light there is no Darkness because Darkness ceases to exist in and of itself because it s Created and only Love can Create a Created Thing yet because Evil is not a thing it was not a [moral] Evil Created by Love because Love Creates only Good things [moral] Evil[s] are merely consequences for the distortion absence of, or marring of Goodness, Love and Truth.

Who can hide from Love? No one. What can separate us from Love? No one. Nothing. Yet Love separates us from Darkness and keeps us from Evil.
So Darkness becomes as Light to Love all things become alike in its Darkness Love is beauty Love is Serene Love is majestic Love is a Mystery Love is beyond finding out Love reaches heights our senses cannot even perceive.

Love does not confuse Love sings in the valleys of our Darkness.


Love shines out the Dark spots in our hearts our minds so we can be lit and decorate our surroundings and those around us with the Beauty of the Joy of the Strength of Goodness Perfected Love moulded through storms of Darkness to sculpt Patience, Long-suffering, Dedication, Hope, Meekness, Peace, Loyalty, Gentleness and Self-Control to become more closer to the Likeness of Perfected Love which leaves us with Perfect Peace


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