Empaths and Emotional Boundaries

Are you an empath? Do people tell you that you are extra-sensitive or care too much? Do you feel people’s emotions easily? Are you highly intuitive? Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious in crowds? Do you feel drained after being in a room with other people? If so, you may be an empath.


An empath is an individual who is able to comprehend the spiritual, mental and emotional being of other individuals. Empaths tend to be highly intuitive, and may be regarded by others as “sensitive” or “over-emotional”. These individuals are good listeners, and are able to feel other emotions and energies easily.  Empaths tend to be highly emotional intelligent and able to read others quickly. The other side of being an empath is that it can feel debilitating. Hence, being able to identify your personality, energetic being and capacity is important.



Empaths are sensitive to emotions and energy. An empath has the ability to feel or discern other people’s emotions even without the person being present near them. The empath may be able to perceive other people’s energies and emotions who are in another country, room or city. Often times empaths may be soaking and feeling other people’s emotions which they mistaken for their own. Hence, they feel fatigued, overburdened by emotion, extra sensitive or possibly drained at the end of the day. One way of identifying emotions is to ask whether they belong to you. Be aware of the energies and emotions entering your space. Ensure that you are not carrying what does not belong to you.




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