Be able to receive

In life people want things to benefit their life. For many seem to have difficulty receiving abundance and gifts into their life. Why is this?


One reason may be that they have difficulty receiving. That coin or penny you overlooked on the road? That may have been for you. Be careful not to overlook what is being put in front of you. Treat the things that you do have with great value and gratitude. How will you receive more if you are not grateful for what you do currently have? You will not receive more things to be ungrateful for. Start by giving gratitude for what you do have.


You are essentially communicating that you are not satisfied or content with whatever you do have. However, if you are not satisfied or content with what you do have then how will you receive more? So, if you are single, try to learn to enjoy your singleness, learn more self-love and cherish time with yourself. If you do not enjoy being single then you may not necessarily completely enjoy being in a relationship or marriage; for it is in being single that we are more able to learn to love ourself and know ourself. Be grateful for your situation right now.

Once you increase your gratitude, you increase your ability to receive. By not being able to receive is like saying that you do not deserve or are not worthy of what is being presented to you. So, do not reject a gift, or sometimes even help … do not just pass things up! If someone is offering a free sample at a store, just take it. Be appreciative of it. You can even gift someone else with it after you have accepted it. Be appreciative and grateful. Be attentive to what is being presented and given to you and be ok with receiving them!



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