The Earth is replete with feminine qualities. Like a mother her love is unconditional towards her children. The Earth gracefully embraces and accepts all seeds in her and all seeds planted into her, regardless of its type, colour, origin or what it may become. She nourishes them all indiscriminately into life.

Life is a wonder of seeds that are transplanted from place to place. Animals and humans pass seeds through excrement. Birds, insects and bees carrying nectar and seeds plant them into the Earth.


The Earth accepts all seeds without prejudice and embraces all with Universal unconditional Love.


Since all is vibrational and full of life. The sound “to be” and “it was” is a speech, a song, resounding throughout Creation. This is why singing to plants are important. Life begets life.

Plants exhale as humans inhale the air we both nourish each other.


All life begins with a seed that is nourished. Seeds are emblemic of potential, under the right conditions they can grow.


Nonetheless, some seeds grow in harder conditions, in the cold, in barren territories, in the desert, they demonstrate and stand in the strength of themselves in life.


Seeds can be a reflection of us. Regardless of our origins, our thoughts can shape how we grow and how deep our roots will reach.


Plants and trees come from small perhaps, in comparison to their current size, however, growth is spurred on by the conscious inner process of positive feelings.





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