Waiting & Patience

Today we live in such a microwave -paced society, that we have seemingly abandoned or forgotten the value of patience.

She has struggled with impatience and as a result, life, Source/God has placed her in situations where she has had to slow down. Before she would try to speed up the process. Call it overambitious or driven- she would hit her target goals and more… only to end up burning out.

What she realizes is that strength is gained by waiting. Waiting does not mean being passive. Waiting can be active. During periods of waiting we can learn to pace ourselves, to rebalance, to find our equilibrium – and keep it. Whenever we tip out of balance, life tries to reorient us back. This may be in the form of dis-ease, burnout, fatigue, adrenal fatigue, depression, feeling disillusioned, overburdened. In this modern society, we run so fast that we do not run into the brick wall we run through it.




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