Importance of Grounding

Grounding is crucial to manifesting your dreams. Dreams collect in the oceans of your subconscious mind. They are a collection of the tangible and intangible view and details which we may or may not perceive. The psycho-spiritual makeup of our ambitions and unseen goals are still in existence regardless of whether they have not yet come to physical fruition.

The art of letting go of control and of result is linked to having faith. Faith is the substance of that which we do not see and the evidence and hope of what is yet to come. Faith can be said to be an earnest and active waiting for what we have asked or planned for mentally. Lack of faith can thus be defined as worry and unease or doubt as to whether our package of requests will actually be delivered.

Letting go requires having gratitude for where we currently are. Manifesting requires the psycho-spiritual, mental faculties, while grounding reminds us that we are here and now, physical, earthly, present. To merge the two together is to marry and produce strength, patience and certainty.



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