“Autumn winds are blowing

All the leaves have turned to brown

Years and years of waiting

Every tear has weighed me down

Once again the blue birds

Filled the cold and fly away

Now my heart lies broken

Let it please go with them today,


Clouds above me gather at the mountain top

Hidden sadness pulls me into tears that never stop

Swaying summer flowers bending in September wind

Gone away is the feelin’ of my lover

Now I’m left here alone again

Sarnai: Missin’ you so much my darling

That the earth cannot go on

Years and years of Autumn’s rain

Now I cry and I cry in pain

Boloroo: Like a fire ever burning

It’s a flame that never dies

Just wanna stop the world from turnin’

And believe in my own lies


Bittersweet the warm breeze of a Spring that draws

Like the distant whisper of a thought I cannot bear

Still I can’t help thinking
that it’s not all in vain

For the breeze yet whispers, and it keeps me from
going insane

Praying someday you’d come back

Waiting oh so long

Now my hope is fadin’ from the chill of Winter’s air

Darkness speaks my lonely night through a heart
that was left in despair

Baby, my love (Missin’ you so much my darling)

Will I ever be the same? (That the earth cannot go

Lovin’ you, missin’ you

Can’t carry on…

I’m missing you my love

I’ve been here waiting, waiting..”



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