Cleansing Energetic Body

We clean our physical bodies daily. Today she reflected upon how we neglect or in some cases do not even consider our energetic bodies. If we took more time to take care and attention of our energetic being and be aware of energies around us we may be in better health overall.

Perhaps because we do not clean ourselves energetically daily, we accumulate unwanted debris. This debris may cause imbalances which manifest physically that we have to deal with later and often resolve the symptoms and not the cause.


importance of sleep

in your dreams

you awaken

into a multiciplity of realities

scheming one against each other

on a playing field of power and legitimacy

which one will ring out

a winner in the place of chasing



Importance of Grounding

Grounding is crucial to manifesting your dreams. Dreams collect in the oceans of your subconscious mind. They are a collection of the tangible and intangible view and details which we may or may not perceive. The psycho-spiritual makeup of our ambitions and unseen goals are still in existence regardless of whether they have not yet come to physical fruition.

The art of letting go of control and of result is linked to having faith. Faith is the substance of that which we do not see and the evidence and hope of what is yet to come. Faith can be said to be an earnest and active waiting for what we have asked or planned for mentally. Lack of faith can thus be defined as worry and unease or doubt as to whether our package of requests will actually be delivered.

Letting go requires having gratitude for where we currently are. Manifesting requires the psycho-spiritual, mental faculties, while grounding reminds us that we are here and now, physical, earthly, present. To merge the two together is to marry and produce strength, patience and certainty.


Be able to receive

In life people want things to benefit their life. For many seem to have difficulty receiving abundance and gifts into their life. Why is this?


One reason may be that they have difficulty receiving. That coin or penny you overlooked on the road? That may have been for you. Be careful not to overlook what is being put in front of you. Treat the things that you do have with great value and gratitude. How will you receive more if you are not grateful for what you do currently have? You will not receive more things to be ungrateful for. Start by giving gratitude for what you do have.


You are essentially communicating that you are not satisfied or content with whatever you do have. However, if you are not satisfied or content with what you do have then how will you receive more? So, if you are single, try to learn to enjoy your singleness, learn more self-love and cherish time with yourself. If you do not enjoy being single then you may not necessarily completely enjoy being in a relationship or marriage; for it is in being single that we are more able to learn to love ourself and know ourself. Be grateful for your situation right now.

Once you increase your gratitude, you increase your ability to receive. By not being able to receive is like saying that you do not deserve or are not worthy of what is being presented to you. So, do not reject a gift, or sometimes even help … do not just pass things up! If someone is offering a free sample at a store, just take it. Be appreciative of it. You can even gift someone else with it after you have accepted it. Be appreciative and grateful. Be attentive to what is being presented and given to you and be ok with receiving them!


Protection from Negative People

All of us have encountered a Sad Debby Downer in our lives. It can be easy to avoid this person or to withdraw yourself from their presence. However, what about situations when you cannot avoid them or take yourself physically from their presence?

Be careful in who you allow in your space. This is not just physically speaking but emotionally, mentally and psycho-spiritually. Why is it so important to guard your space? Remember a time when someone said something to you that just rubbed you the wrong way, or said something negative? Some words can stick to you like glue and seep into your energetic body. For some people, other people’s anger, sadness, or negativity or self-pity can take a while, sometimes minutes, hours or even a week to fade. What we want is to put a barrier between you and the other person’s issues and undesirable emotions even when you are around them.

Firstly, do not feel compassion. What?!!! Yes, she said it. Let us consider the definition of Compassion.



[kuh m-pash-uh n]


a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.


There we have it! You are feeling passionate about the suffering of others. Passion can be interpreted as a “strong desire”.

What is the result of “feeling a deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune”? The result is that YOU end up feeling FOR them all the feelings of sympathy, sorrow, self-pity [even if well-justified if one can see it as such], sadness, negativity and all Debby-Downer emotions. Remember, emotions are simply energy in motion. E-motions are temporary and are fluid. They are not fixed nor permanent and we can control them.

Some may say that being empathetic and being an empath is a gift. What is that gift can sometimes serve as a curse? A curse to keep on feeling and taking on the emotions of others even when their emotions are negative and can serve to our own detriment. Empathizing can have undesirable impacts on us to the extent that we feel so much for the person that our own positivity and higher energetic level is lowered. How are we of any help to the other person or ourselves in that case? Perhaps in feeling their pain and taking on their negative emotions increases our ego and that we are a rescuer.

However if a person is in a place of self-pity, negativity and depression and you are feeling that for the person and sitting there empathizing with them then you also feel those same emotions even though you have not going through the same thing as them. Therefore, your energetic level will decrease or at least be shifted to feeling their reality which is in fact not your reality.

The solution she proposes? Do not take on the negative emotions of other people. Instead try to translate that negativity into positivity for that person. When they say something negative try to come back with something positive to say or to help them see through a more positive perspective. If you are encountering their negative emotions, you may block off those negative emotions however, having something positive to counteract that negativity which you are blocking off, is probably even more potent.

Henceforth, when dealing with someone who is sad and out- as Oprah said “Do not go there with them”. See things like perceived obstacles, hardships etc., as blessings in disguise. That work or career that “sucks” may be offering you an opportunity to change what you hate doing for a living. How can you get the job of your dreams if you just simmer in the job or career you hate? Maybe your sucky job provides you the time to plan for your next job or career move or even business. Did you have a burnout? Maybe it is time to re-evaluate your lifestyle, life balance and look at what is not working in your life [Example: over-burdening yourself, over-working, going too fast, impatience etc). This is a way to turn a negative situation into a positive one for yourself.

When you offer other people and yourself a solution, this may be a more productive way of lifting yourself up and out of situations and to help others out of their own situation. Offer a positive solution to a negative problem. Do not feel negative and even self-pity for yourself! Do not sit there and stay in negativity nor get others meddled in it nor do you get meddled with the negativity of others! Transform it into something that works good for you! Start viewing problems as things to overcome to become stronger, to turn it for your good!




有物先天地 Something there is, prior to heaven and earth,
無形本寂寥 Without form, without sound, all alone by itself.
能爲萬象主 It has the power to control all the changing things;
不逐四時凋 Yet it changes not in the course of the four seasons.
Bodhisattva Shan-hui (善慧), better known as Fu Ta-shih (傅大士) (497-?)
(The Golden Age of Zen 254, 322 n.25)


十方同聚會 The ten directions converging,
個個學無爲 Each learning to do nothing,
此是選佛場 This is the hall of Buddha’s training;
心空及第歸 Mind’s empty, all’s finished.
P’ang Yün (龐蘊 Hõ Un) (Two Zen Classics 263)
“When he came to Baso he again said, ‘Who is he that is independent of all things?’ Baso said, ‘When you have drunk all the water in the Yang-tze river, I will tell you.’ At this, Koji underwent his great experience and composed another verse:” (Two Zen Classics 263)